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Strategy – General Management

  • Company Reorganization
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Scenario analysis and processing medium-term plans
  • Defining and developing new strategies go to market
  • Business planning (start-up or re-vamping of existing initiatives)
  • Business development

Marketing – branding and market analisys

  • Brand building & brand strategy
  • Positioning / repositioning of the brand
  • Communication strategy (packaging, brand identity, adversiting, web, social networks)
  • Declination / tuning the marketing mix
  • Setting / review of the gamma’s architecture
  • Developing of new product concepts
  • Distribution systems
  • Competitive systems
  • Forecast short / medium term
  • Analysis of custom satisfaction
  • Price and product testing
  • Swot Analysis
  • Marketing planning
  • Support in trade fairs and events

Commercial – Sales

  • Organization, design and assessment of the sales force
  • Improving sales performance
  • Development of new sales channels
  • Revision of management models, processes and tools to support the sale (of field, front and back office)
  • Redesign of systems of remuneration and incentive sales force
  • Drafting and budget analysis


  • Support for opening new branches (establishment, choosing countries, administration, practices)
  • Research of partners and subcontractors located in the country, reference
  • Research of agents
  • Contract
  • Support in trade fairs and events on site
  • Translate services

Legal services, tax and financial advisers

  • International contracts
  • Legal advisory services
  • Continuative legal Support
  • Fiscal Services on site
  • European Funding
  • Project Planning

Other services

  • Trademarks and companies’ logos Registration
  • SCM (supply chain management)
  • CRM
  • Training management